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Photography: Ben Clement, Keisuke Fukamizu

volume 06


Bilingual Japanese and English

260 × 372mm 160P


260 × 372mm 160P

“Harmonious” is the theme for this issue. It has been said that these days relationships between people have been weakening, and more and more people are suffering from feelings of loneliness and a sense of helplessness. Why is this though, as it can be said that words are being exchanged more than ever before over the internet and social media in a matter of seconds. Harmonious relationships are born amongst people, different geographic regions, within individual societies, and also by a connection to nature. This issue explores various forms of community and reconsiders their meaning and necessity. For the first time in years, we were able to travel abroad to conduct interviews with a variety of individuals that work in forms of expression to hear their perspectives in person, and this included Artists and Designers, Chefs, and people from Educational Institutions. Of course, this issue will also feature a robust amount of content that continues to introduce undiscovered art, craft, and cultures from all over the world. We will be delivering plenty of beautiful visuals and in-depth text for our readers this time around as well.

The opening essays were written by Yuju Wen (Author), Ben Clement (Photographer), Aya Watanabe (Scriptwriter), and Lana Porcello (Writer, Educator).

A special feature titled, “Learn together, make together, come together.”highlights interviews from Berea College in the state of Kentucky from the United States and “The Village” in the Koshihata area of Kyoto. These stories bring to light what is being practiced in each of these locations regarding the relation between people, regions, and society through the scope of making things and also takes a look at what a community should be.

In addition, a report on a dialogue between Hiroki Nakamura of visvim and Tadashi Morita, shop owner of “Komingei Morita”(Old Folk Art Morita); two articles that tell the story of a culture of pottery that bloomed in California during the 20th century under the influence of Nina de Creeft Ward and Vivika and Otto Heino, and finally an interview with Takayoshi Yamaguchi, owner and chef of “Sushidokoro Mekumi” a renowned sushi restaurant in Kanazawa.

今号のテーマは「Harmonious(ハーモニアス)」。昨今、人間同士の関係性が希薄になり、孤独感や無力感に苦しむ人が増えていると言われています。ネットやSNSではかつてないほど膨大な言葉が、秒単位で交わされているにもかかわらず、なぜ? 人や地域、社会、自然との繋がり、そこに生まれる調和した関係。多様な形のコミュニティを探り、その意味や必要性を改めて考えてみた号です。久しぶりに海外へも取材に出かけ、アーティストやデザイナーをはじめ、料理人や教育機関まで多くの表現者に直接会い話を聞きました。もちろん今号も世界各地の知られざる工芸や美術、文化をご紹介するコンテンツは大充実。美しいヴィジュアルと詳細なテキストでたっぷりお送りします。


特集『Learn together, make together, come together.(ともにまなぶ、つくる、つながる。)』では、アメリカ・ケンタッキー州のベレア・カレッジと京都・越畑のザ・ヴィレッジを取材。それぞれの場所で実践されている、ものづくりを通じた人や地域、社会との繋がり、コミュニティのありようを紹介。


Contents of the sixth issue


Yuju Wen/Ben Clement/Aya Watanabe/Lana Porcello

Cover story “Learn together, make together, come together.”

Berea College(KY, USA)/ The Village(Koshihata, Kyoto)

Other contents

Hands, Earth, Animals: Potter Nina de Creeft Ward at Ninety/A Life in Vintage:

Interview with Tadashi Morita and Hiroki Nakamura/ Tiniest Sagas vol.3: Sushidokoro Mekumi/Vivika & Otto: A Ceramic Journey through Twentieth-Century California/Open Wheelers and Friends/etc

Participating creators

Kyohei Sakaguchi/Samuel Bradley & Stephen Mann/Gentaro Ishizuka/nakaban/Jerry Ukai/Yurie Nagashima/Takashi Tsurumi/Naito Auto/Hiroki Nakamura/Kelsi Nakamura/etc




特集 「Learn together, make together, come together.(ともにまなぶ、つくる、つながる。)」



手と土、動物たち 陶芸家ニーナ・デ・クリーフト・ウォードの90年/経験としてのヴィンテージ 森田直と中村ヒロキの対話/店の物語 vol.3:すし処めくみ/ヴィヴィカとオットー 20世紀カリフォルニアの陶芸文化を辿る旅/オープン・ウィラーズ・アンド・フレンズ 他


坂口恭平/サミュエル・ブラッドリー&スティーブン・マン/石塚元太良/ナカバン/ジェリー鵜飼/長島有里枝/鶴見昂/内藤オート/中村ヒロキ/中村ケルシー 他

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