Subsequence Magazine Vol.5

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Exclusive Gift with purchase (Limited Quantities):

1 “Subsequence” original postcard set

Contributing Artists : Geoff McFetridge, Stephen Mann, Samuel Bradley, nakaban, Gentaro Ishizuka, Leanne Shapton

Special Gift 2 Photo Zine “SUB Subsequence” vol.05 (Toji Temple, KYOTO)

Contents of the fifth issue


Leanne Shapton/Geoff McFetridge/Masatsugu Ono/Adam Silverman/Ryohei Matsunaga

Cover story “Body Moving”

Mike Ableson(POSTALCO)/Jonathan Ive/Junya Noguchi(Kukangendai)/Kuniko Takebayashi/Johanna Jackson/Izabel Nielsen & Asher Woodworth

Other contents

Clothing, plain and simple: A conversation with egg founder Maureen Doherty/Indigo Dreams: Masa Kubo and the Spirit of China's Folk Textiles/Antiqing in Kyoto: Visit, Buy, Discuss/An Unbroken Circle: The Miraculous Work of Kewa Turquoise Artist Ray Lovato/Justin Adian: Walks and Walls/Hobby Talk: Print Exchange Program/The “Naito Auto” Story/etc

Special Appendix:

My Archive Hand-Crafted Booklets

Participating creators

Kyohei Sakaguchi/Tamara Shopsin/Stephen Mann/Gentaro Ishizuka/nakaban/Yurie Nagashima/Akiko Wakana/Lena Fujimoto/Takashi Tsurumi/Hiroki Nakamura/Kelsi Nakamura/etc


Chief Editor: Kosuke Ide

Art Director: Junpei Niki

Photographer: Keisuke Fukamizu / etc

・Bilingual Japanese and English

・160 pages, all color

・Large-sized 260mm x 372mm (Appendix: A4 size)

・Sold at visvim stores and multi-brand boutiques in Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as through our official web store.

・Two issues are scheduled to be published per year

・For more information, please visit the official web site ( and Instagram (@subsequence_magazine).

About “Subsequence”

The tagline of “Subsequence” is “Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic.” This experimental project will cover a wide range of arts, crafts and cultures, inclusive to all ages, genders and nationalities, featuring both Japanese and international contributors.

Based on the guiding principle of unfolding new and untold stories from individual perspectives, we aim to create a magazine in the spirit of passionate craftsmen and artisans who love their craft. We offer these stories to anybody with an interest in living a creative life or immersing themselves in culture. We hope to publish stories that have been forgotten in recent years, and to provide a vehicle for readers to explore and experience new and undiscovered worlds. The exact timing of publication will vary with the travels of our storytellers. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more.

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